Most construction or landscaping sites always start with an excavation. This is a step that consists of digging the ground in order to level the ground. It is very important during the construction of a trench, the realization of VRD works, or preparing the foundation of a house. Excavation services can be utilized for specific purposes, depending on what your property requires. Through this article, we will focus on the main projects that require excavation services.

Preparing the Land

When it comes to a piece of land that you want to landscape and develop, the first thing you have to do is prepare the site for excavation. Whether the landscaping project is small or big, you can’t undertake the excavation work yourself. It is necessary to call in a professional.

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Waterproofing the Foundation of a House

Excavation work may be necessary when the foundation of a house is permeable. Water infiltration could cause major mold problems and possibly cracks, thus harming the health of any occupants. Not to mention, water damage will make your foundation much weaker and more susceptible to other problems and safety issues.

Filling, Repairing, or Modifying a Crawl Space

A crawl space is a space that is between the natural ground and the floor of a house and is generally not used by the occupants. However, this shallow space performs an important function in your home’s overall structure. This is how plumbers, electricians, and HVAC experts access the mechanics of your house. Therefore, whenever you notice something unusual with the crawl space, such as saggy floors or weird odors, call professional excavation services.

The Presence of Cracks and Pyrite Contamination

It is possible to have to use excavation services to repair a concrete foundation that has major cracks. You can identify issues and pyrite contamination by star-shaped cracks around a drain, for example, or when the concrete is swollen and cracked or uneven.


Nowadays, there are a good number of companies offering excavation services. However, you need a company with the proper know-how and skills. When you’re ready to have your site analyzed, excavated, and developed, call Morgan Services Group Corp to handle all of your excavation projects. Visit our website today to learn more about our array of services and to get in contact with our professionals.