Demolition sites are hazardous places even for trained professionals. At a demolition site, the worker’s health and safety are the company’s topmost priority. There are multiple considerations that need to be made before workers step onto the demolition site. Here are some demolition safety practices that everyone should follow in order to avoid serious accidents.

1. Check thoroughly for asbestos before demolition.

Materials containing asbestos are deadly on demolition sites. Checking thoroughly for asbestos before demolition should be at the top of your checklist. Only begin the demolition phase once you’ve conducted comprehensive asbestos surveying at the site. Make sure you’ve removed all licensed and non-licensed asbestos materials before proceeding.

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2. All staff must wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

During demolition, all employees need to wear the correct PPE. As a minimum, 5-part PPE must be worn at all times on site by any operative, including a hard hat, safety glasses, high-visibility vest, safety gloves, and steel-toe-capped boots. PPE will protect workers from falling debris at the demolition site. It is very effective in protecting the team from any injuries and accidents.

3. Cut off the utilities.

It is imperative to cut off all the utilities connected to the demolition site. Not turning off the utilities can cause huge accidents like gas explosions or electrocution. Hence, turn off all electricity, sewer, gas, water, and other utility lines, and notify the applicable utility companies before starting the demolition. Save your team from any unwanted crisis.

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