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The Importance of Professional Demolition Services

Demolition is not an easy task and requires skill and precision. Hiring professional demolition contractors can provide you with safe and efficient demolition services. Professionals use the latest equipment, technology, and techniques to ensure that every demolition project is completed with the utmost care and safety.To help you understand the importance of professional and efficient demolition, we have gathered some useful insight that will assist you in making the right choice.

Benefits of Professional Demolition Services

There are several benefits to hiring a professional demolition company. Professional demolition contractors have the advanced knowledge and expertise to handle any project, large or small. Professional demolition services ensure the safety of both workers and the surrounding community. In addition, professional services help ensure the efficient completion of projects.

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The Process of Professional Demolition Services

To ensure the best possible outcome from demolition, professionals strive to take a systematic approach to every project. The process includes the following steps:

1. Initial Consultation

Demolition contractors will meet with you to discuss the details of your project. They will also help you determine your specific needs and requirements.

2. Site Assessment

To determine the best course of action, demolition contractors will conduct a thorough assessment of the site. They will also help you identify any potential hazards.

3. Planning and Preparation

Once the team is done with a thorough assessment, they will develop a detailed plan for the demolition project. It may cover the following timeline, budget, and any necessary permits.

4. Execution

Using the latest equipment and techniques, the team will execute the plan. All this planning and preparation is done to ensure a safe and efficient demolition.

5. Clean-up and Disposal

Finally, once the demolition is professionally and efficiently completed, the demolition contractors will clean up the site and properly dispose of or recycle any waste materials.

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Are you looking for a professional and reliable demolition contractor in New York? Thanks to Morgan Services Group Corp, these services are available for New York clients to rely on. We have been an established name in the industry for the past 20 years. We are available to serve you whenever you need us. Visit our website or give us a call at +1 855 800-3366 to avail our services. 

How to Stay Safe at a Demolition Site

Demolition sites are hazardous places even for trained professionals. At a demolition site, the worker’s health and safety are the company’s topmost priority. There are multiple considerations that need to be made before workers step onto the demolition site. Here are some demolition safety practices that everyone should follow in order to avoid serious accidents.

1. Check thoroughly for asbestos before demolition.

Materials containing asbestos are deadly on demolition sites. Checking thoroughly for asbestos before demolition should be at the top of your checklist. Only begin the demolition phase once you’ve conducted comprehensive asbestos surveying at the site. Make sure you’ve removed all licensed and non-licensed asbestos materials before proceeding.

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2. All staff must wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

During demolition, all employees need to wear the correct PPE. As a minimum, 5-part PPE must be worn at all times on site by any operative, including a hard hat, safety glasses, high-visibility vest, safety gloves, and steel-toe-capped boots. PPE will protect workers from falling debris at the demolition site. It is very effective in protecting the team from any injuries and accidents.

3. Cut off the utilities.

It is imperative to cut off all the utilities connected to the demolition site. Not turning off the utilities can cause huge accidents like gas explosions or electrocution. Hence, turn off all electricity, sewer, gas, water, and other utility lines, and notify the applicable utility companies before starting the demolition. Save your team from any unwanted crisis.

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Are you looking for a professional and reliable demolition contractor in New York? Thanks to Morgan Services Group Corp, these services are available for New York clients to rely on. We have been an established name in the industry for the past 20 years. We are available to serve you whenever you need us. Visit our website or give us a call at +1 855 800-3366 to avail our services.     

What Homeowners Need to Know About Garage Demolition

The first and foremost thing you require to begin your garage demolition project is securing a proper demolition permit. This will save you from unwanted hassle. You don’t want city officials telling you to stop tearing down your garage because you haven’t completed the paperwork. So, if you wish to learn more about garage demolition, there’s no need to stress. We have collected some important information and guidelines and listed them below that you can check out before you begin your garage demolition.

Tips for Completing Your Garage Demolition Safely

Not only is tearing down a garage overwhelming, it can also be dangerous. But opting for the right demolition methods will ensure your project continues without a hitch and no one gets hurt. Let’s scroll down to learn more about garage demolition.

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Garage Demolition Tip #1: Proper Planning

Often, homeowners are unaware of how to take down the garage themselves. However, with proper planning, garage demolition can be completed safely. It is important to keep certain aspects as top priorities, such as safety, electrical connections, and clean-up. But if you find demolition difficult, you can hire a team of professionals who will not only professionally prepare the property for the garage demolition but will also complete the process in the right way, reducing the risk of unwanted challenges.

Garage Demolition Tip #2: Ensuring a Safe and Secure Demolition

Here are some important steps that you need to take prior to doing a demoltion and building a fresh new structure of any kind at your place.

  • You need to obtain all necessary permits from your local city officials.
  • You have to turn off water, gas, electricity, etc.
  • You have to remove the roofing shingles, the siding, and the garage door.
  • You have to take out any drywall.
  • You need to pull out any windows.

The extended work that needs to be performed depends on several factors of the garage, such as:

  • Size
  • Detached or attached
  • Building material (brick, wood, siding, cinder blocks, etc.)

Garage Demolition Tip #3: Hire a Professional

Tearing down a garage is not as simple as one might think. When you start ripping stuff down, you can do more damage than you realize if your garage is attached to your home. Trust us! If you plan to do the demolition yourself, you might increase the risk of injury if your garage is a stand-alone structure. By hiring a professional team of demolishers, you can cover all your bases because handling tough demolition challenges is just best left to the professional demolishers.

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Our Final Verdict

We hope these tips will help in ensuring the garage demolition is completed in a safe and timely manner.If you are a New Yorker and need professional demolition work, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Morgan Services Group Corp. Call us today at +1-855-800-DEMO (3366) or reach us at our contact page to discuss your needs.

Demolition Contracting Facts You Need To Know

Demolition contracting is a specialized field within the construction industry. It involves the safe and controlled tearing down of structures. To help you understand better, we have outlined some interesting facts about demolition contracting that will clear up all your doubts. Without any further ado, scroll down to read more.

Common Facts About Demolition Contracting

  • Demolition contractors make use of state-of-the-art tools and equipment to take down buildings, including excavators, bulldozers, and hydraulic demolition shears.
  • The process of demolition begins with a quick site survey. During the survey, the contractor assesses the structure and develops a reliable and professional plan for a safe and efficient demolition to avoid any damage or unexpected situations.
  • Demolition contractors are always following strict safety guidelines to protect workers and the surrounding community. These may include the following measures:
    1. Setting up barriers
    2. Posting warning signs
    3. Implementing dust control measures
  • All utilities, such as gas, water, and electricity, are properly shut off and disconnected before a building is demolished.

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  • Demolition contractors are mindful and pay extra attention to environmental regulations, as the process of demolition can produce a significant amount of waste. This includes ensuring that hazardous materials, such as asbestos and lead paint, are properly removed and disposed of to avoid any further damage to the surrounding community.
  • To reduce the environmental impact of demolition, contractors often work closely with salvage and recycling companies. This helps to reclaim as much material as possible from the demolished structure. It’s a cost-effective option for most clients.
  • Demolition contracting can be a complex and challenging field, requiring a high level of skill and expertise.
  • Many demolition contractors specialize in specific types of demolition, such as residential, commercial, or industrial.
  • The demand for demolition contractors varies depending on the local economy and the level of construction activity.

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Our Final Verdict

In times of economic growth, there may be more opportunities for demolition contractors as old buildings are torn down to make way for new construction. If you are searching for demolition contractors, seek professional help from the most reliable company — Morgan Services Group Corp. We are one of the most trusted demolition companies that provides numerous services. To learn more about us, visit our website or contact us at 1-855-800-DEMO (3366).

A Demolition Plan: What Is It and Why Do You Need It?

Not having a proper demolition plan can lead to various unwanted complications and dangerous situations. Therefore, having the correct strategies and procedures for the demolition is key for the project’s safety and success. To help you understand how the physical work required is managed and delivered to meet the specifications and how you can create your demolition plan, we have illustrated the different processes involved in the demolition project.

The Major Process Involved in Demolition

  1. Through refurbishment and demolition surveys, you can figure out the location of the buildings, their distance from other buildings, roads, etc.
  2. Through structural survey and assessment, you can find out the structural support.
  3. Through method statements, you can show the sequence of demolition and the strategies of demolition that can be employed.
  4. Plan for waste management.
  5. With a health and safety assessment plan, you can show all the measures and methods that can be taken for the protection of the public.

Furthermore, clearly outlining each process into its own section with a detailed explanation will help you meet the requirements of the project. Not only that, but you can also add all the necessary and specific annotated diagrams throughout the plan. Trust us, it will help you to make your plans easier to understand and visualize.

Why Do You Need the Project Program?

Having a proper demolition program will help you identify and plan two major things:

  1. Firstly, it will help you identify the timescale, dates, durations, and activities involved.
  2. Secondly, it will help you understand the sequence of work, like what tasks will be performed first and when.

By preparing this project plan, you can let the client know when the work will start and which parts of the site will be worked on first so that they know what to expect.

Our Final Verdict

The demolition program comes in handy for projects where a phased handover is required. Once these documents are prepared, you can share them with all parties involved in this project. This will help everyone to stay on the same page and know what they need to do and when, including individual parties or contractors. For more information and expert advice on what should be included, get in touch with Morgan Services Group Corp’s dedicated and highly competent team in New York. We have been an established name in the industry for over 20 years now. We are available to serve you whenever you need us. Visit our website or give us a call at 1-855-800-DEMO (3366) for more information. We look forward to speaking with you!

Commercial Demolition Projects – Key Factors to Consider

Whether it’s an interior or exterior demolition of a building, it is not an easy process. You will encounter a number of challenges during the whole demolishing process. Are you planning to demolish a building? If so, then to help and guide you, we have compiled a few of the most helpful commercial demolition tips that you can consider before you schedule your building’s demolition. 

1. Hire professionals. 

Not hiring a licensed and experienced contractor can lead to massive damage and drawbacks. Professional demolition contractors have all the expertise and knowledge when it comes to deconstructing a building because oftentimes, there are many hazardous materials present that can affect the environment. So, if you’re planning to demolish a building, it’s better to hire certified contractors.

2. Be aware of hazardous materials.

It’s necessary to take precautions before you plan to demolish a commercial structure because demolition can release harmful materials that can affect your health directly. However, if you have hired a commercial demolition professional, then you won’t have to stress about anything. These professionals have all the knowledge and are well trained in handling harmful materials such as lead, asbestos, etc. 

3. Keep your nearby property owners aware.

In order to avoid last-minute delays in demolition, make sure that the nearby property owners are informed beforehand that demolition will take place. As demolition will result in dust, the noise of heavy machines and equipment, etc. Therefore, make sure to notify them in advance so that your neighboring property owners can take the necessary measures to deal with demolition in the area.


If you are looking for a professional and experienced demolition service provider, look no further! Thanks to Morgan Services Group Corp, these services are available for New York clients to rely on. We have been an established name in the industry for several years now. We are available to serve you whenever you need us. Visit our website or give us a call at 1-855-800-DEMO (3366) to avail of our services.

Demolition Safety Tips

From removing a single, non-weight bearing wall to demo-ing an entire wing of a home, there are many important safety measures that should always be taken no matter the size of the job. Nearly all demolitions should be completed by licensed and insured professionals who have a proven track record of success. Follow along this month as we list out several incredibly crucial safety tips for those hoping to complete a demolition.

Important Safety Gear

  • Hard hat
  • Eye protection
  • Work gloves
  • Ear Protection
  • Work Boots
  • Respirator

Preparing for Demolition

  • Turn off all utilities including electric, gas, water, steam, sewer, and other service lines. Always notify the appropriate utility companies of your plans in advance.
  • Illuminate any areas that have poor lighting
  • Ensure that bystanders and other workers are at a safe distance before tearing anything down.


Wearing a respirator during and after a demolition is crucial as all types of dangerous airborne chemicals can be floating around. Hazards such as asbestos, led based paint, and harmful gases could be hiding in plain sight.

A cleaner demolition site leads to fewer injuries and accidents. Keep the area clean by removing debris consistently throughout the project instead of waiting until the end. Properly dispose of any hazardous debris to ensure the most eco-friendly demolition possible.

Final Thoughts

Demolition and excavation projects have never been more convenient and accessible for New York residents thanks to Morgan Services Group. For more than twenty years our family owned and operated company has helped countless local residential and commercial clients in their time of need, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week! Visit our website for more information or contact our team directly anytime at 1 (855) 800 – DEMO.