In the fast urbanization of our planet, we see thousands of construction sites in major cities. There is always a new project happening. However, before we construct something new, we need to demolish the old. Now there are many factors that come into play when professionals plan on demolishing a building. This includes the actual site, the surrounding building areas, population density in that area, debris scattering, and much more. Depending on the situation, a demolition company may use different methods. Here are 3 different ways to demolish a building.

1. Implosion

This is what you see in movies. Explosives are placed in strategic points of the structure to bring down the building. We agree it is the most dramatic way to demolish a building and is actually one of the least common methods. The sequence of detonation and placement of charges is essential so that the building collapses inside out. It is not all fun and games and implosion requires a lot of planning by professionals. It is carried out under the supervision of trained experts to ensure safety of the workers, civilians, and surrounding areas.

2. Wrecking Ball

The wrecking ball method is the oldest trick in the book. A huge metal ball weighing at least 13,500 pounds is hung to a cable attached to operating machinery. The ball is swung back and forth to demolish the building. It is a job of highly skilled crane operators to handle wrecking ball demolition since this method makes the most noise, dust, and rubble. It is most often used to bring down concrete and other masonry structures.

3. High Reach Arm

The high reach arm method is practiced when we have to demolish a building that is 66 feet high or more. It is most commonly used to bring down reinforced concrete, steel, masonry, and mixed material structures. This method involves an excavator attached with a long demolition arm. The machine starts demolishing from the top of the structure and the special ground team takes care of the rubble that falls down.


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