The patio is the centerpiece of your backyard. It very often happens that it loses its beauty and solidity over the years. To give your yard a new shine, revamping an old and worn patio is, therefore, an excellent starting point. However, when thinking about rebuilding or renovating your patio, a set of questions will come to your mind. In this month’s blog, we will help you make up your mind whether you need a demolition or renovation. So, keep reading!

Assess Your Current Needs

Before deciding on renovation or demolition, take the time to consider your objectives properly. It’s essential to have a clear understanding of why you want to make changes on your patio in the first place. For example, there is a design problem that requires a complete change, or perhaps the foundation is not solid enough. However, if there is a foundation issue, it is better to have it demolished.

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Think About Your Future Needs

It goes without saying that when you demolish your house, there are some factors to consider before starting the project. It’s the same thing when it comes to patio demolition. Before embarking on the project, think carefully about the objectives you need to meet with your new layout. Why do you want this new space? What activities are you going to do there?

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No Room for Error

Thinking about doing it yourself? Think twice! If the decision you make doesn’t conform to your municipality’s standards and bylaws, you’re the one paying the price. You have to deal with the law and make sure you get an NYC demolition permit before starting the project. To make sure that your project meets your municipality’s standards, it’s always best to call a professional.

Is Your Patio Lacking In Privacy or Shade Coverage?

Several minor modifications can be made to a patio in good condition. If you get too hot under the blazing sun, a multitude of shade solutions can be added, such as a canopy or sail shades. If you want more privacy, you can opt to install fencing around your property line.


The patio is the source of creating lasting memories with family and friends. Therefore, your patio deserves to be serviced by professionals, whether you decide on demolition or renovation. If you are a New Yorker and need professional demolition work, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Morgan Services Group Corp. Call us today at +1-855-800-DEMO (3366) or reach us at our contact page to discuss your needs.